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Talk Story time with Mama Lily

One afternoon we were sitting at the table sorting green beans when Mama started telling us about the Menehune. One time when she went holo holo (having fun fishing) on the shore. She set a couple of pieces of chicken down next to her. A few seconds later she went to take a bite of the chicken and the chicken was gone. Since then, when she returns to the same spot she brings one for her and one for the menehune....and the one she sets down for the menehune always disappears within a few minutes of setting it down.


The Menehune by the Shore

Throughout my years growing up on the coffee farm and spending time at the beach, I have heard old Hawaiian stories that have been passed down. One such story told by fisherman was how the little people lived on the island. How they built temples and fish ponds. The little people were called Menehune. They are a legendary race of the Leprechaun.

MenehuneIn the late 1960s, one of my relatives held his wedding ceremony along the shore in Keauhou Bay at the hotel formally known as the "Kona Surf".

I remember seeing a picture that was taken during his wedding. The tide was low and the sky clear with an orange-reddish-yellow sunset. I recall spot lights with strong beams that were setup and in place for when the light of the evening sky started to dim and the lights were being turned on.

Menehune behind tree
When the lights started turning on and more pictures were being taken of the wedding couple down by the shore. A very remarkable thing happened. We didn't know it at the time, but one of the little people got caught in the picture.


When the film was developed, my cousin came by to see me and showed me the picture. I quickly made a copy of the picture and to this day, this is the only surviving picture of the Menehune on his wedding day. As you can see the menehune's head is peeking out behind the tree stump. Upon closer look, you can see the menehune looks like a smiling child peeking out from behind the tree stump. Pictured on the left is the same tree many years later.Menehune Tree

Near the tree where the menehune was seen is where my father had his fisherman's heiau. Every big catch my father would give an offering to the Ku'u'la (Stone God for Fishing). To everyone else this is just a bunch of rocks along the Keauhou Bay shore, but to me this is a special place and there is something more to this area as I can still image my father giving an offering and I know my father still watches over me..

Fisherman's HeiuIf you open your heart and your mind is clear when the sun starts to go down and the winds are calm you can hear the fisherman coming into shore with their catch....and if you are just quiet enough, the menehune might just let you see them.


Mama Lily


A special moment with Aunty Lily - By Lily Dudoit


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Mama Lily and Lily Jr.

Interview for "Aha'i Olelo Ola
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