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"Ku-ka Ku-Ka"
Talk Story with Mama Lily

Mama often talks about the Old Hawaiian Trails that ran from the mountain to the sea. In the old days of the King, some of these trails were used for trading between the people who fished on the makai side and the farmers who lived up mauka.

Legend says that those who walked the trails alive, walk these same trails in spirit when the moon is full.


The Old Hawaiian Trail


This trail used to run from the mountain to the sea. In Hawaiian it's called "A-la Ma-hi-ai (to agriculture farm) and to the beach is called "A-la Ka-ha-kai". (about 3 miles long). During mama's youth, Kona was very rural.Road to our house

We didn't own a car, but traveled by foot or by donkey known as Kona Nightingale horse and carriage. Only doctors, ranchers, taxi cab drivers and delivery trucks could afford to own automobiles. As for the carriage, the mailman used the trail. At the time there were only 3 homes up the trail.


If you needed a ride, you would have to wait an hour or two for before a car would pass by. Along the Bay of Keauhou, we only had 11 homes and a post office. So we walked alot. back then. Keauhou Trail



The older people fished during the day and we children fish mostly at night and on weekends. We would camp out and build camp fires and roast some of our catch. I have very fond memories of my brothers playing the ukelele. (Pictured to the left is how Keauhou Bay looks now from where my family's beach house once stood a couple of yards back). Back then, on the far left, the cattle would be brought in to shore and on the far right is where my ohana would swim.

Kuku lady at the beach houseDuring school days when we lived at the beach house (pictured on the left is my mom at the beach house). We walked up the trail to school. During the week on school days we stayed at our upper house. We didn't have a school bus for the elementary school. The buses were only for the high school.


(The plumaria tree pictured on the right is near where the beach house once stood and where I was born). This area is now a parking lot.

Many Japanese farmers used the trail to go fishing and to camp out. Most of these families are coffee farmers. In each community you can find trails leading to the beach and up mauka.


Mama Lily


Our house is built next to an old donkey trail. Mama says to keep certain doors open and unblocked so the spirits of those walking the trail can pass through our open door in the house and out the window if they veer off the path. If you close it, they may get lost in your house. That's when I asked mama when would be a good time to bless the house again.






Mama Lily and Lily Jr.

Interview for "Aha'i Olelo Ola
(Hawaiian Language TV) Dec. 2010

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