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"On April 20, 2009, Mrs. Lily Makuahine Namakaokaia Haanio Kong, affectionately known as Auntie Lily Kong, her daughter Lily Kong Jr. andhanai daughter Michelle Joven joined Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i (CSH) and Kona Country Club general manager Mike Yukon on a visit to the project area and nearby historic sites.  Based on her familiarity with the Keauhou ahupua’a where she was born and raised, Mrs. Kong identified a number of nearby historic sites as well as shared her concerns about development in Keauhou and also specifically the project area. She emphasized the importance of avoiding water runoff from developments, the critical need to preserve open spaces, and recommended what plants to install in the project area. She generously shared her mana‘oon how to respect the cultural resources, sites, and practices that continue near or around the project area".

A paragraph from the revised documentation of the Cultural Surveys Hawaii cultural researcher, Margaret Magat Ph.D


The land parcel known as "Kau" or "Up High"

I have known the Kona Country Club land parcel as "Kau" which translates as "up high".

Growing up in Keauhou Beach, I knew that about 2 to 3 acres of the Kona Country Club land was a gift from King Kamehameha to the community of Keauhou as a place of burial.

On this land, the Ohana Kahaleoumi had 3 to 4 large vaults (tombs) that were very old and moldy. All of these vaults were taken out. My dad, grandfather and three brothers were buried just outside of the Kahaleoumi wall. Below my Ohana were Mr. & Mrs. Keoupuni Hina and his wife Kapeka Hina.

When the land changed hands, my Ohana were unearthed and placed in empty primo boxes. All my mom could do was cry. I came from Honolulu to be with her. This was a very sad time in the history of our family.

As years passed, my mom predicted that Bishop Estate land would have water run off that will enter Keauhou Bay and will be like blood from the land - Kau. When we had the Hurricane Iniki in 1992, mom's prediction came true.

As new workers came into Keauhou to work at the country club and golf course, I was asked if I could help out. Because I love Keauhou and this is the place of my birth I agreed to help them.

I was introduced to a wonderful lady who was the grounds keeper for the land Kau. Her name is Jessica Yukon. As we toured the land I told her the history of the area and how sacred this land is to my Ohana. During our tour we came upon some very large trees on Kau and I explained that they cannot be removed as they give oxygen to the land, give life to the land, essential to life and provides shade. Most importantly, there are fragments of my Ohana still in the land and their spirit is part of this area.

I know that Jessica cares and has felt the connection with my ohna. I am proud to have a good friend like Jessica and others that I have shared the history of Keauhou with.

May God keep us always in his love.
Mahalo Jessica for being my friend.

Lily N. Kong

How I met Kapuna Lily N. Kong - by Jessica Yukon





Mama Lily and Lily Jr.

Interview for "Aha'i Olelo Ola
(Hawaiian Language TV) Dec. 2010

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