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When I first met Mama Teshima

On many occassions we would eat breakfast at Teshima's for breakfast. Mama would always opt to sit at the farthest table from the back facing the door so she could see who was entering. Teshimas is a place where everyone knows your name, where you live and who your parents are......it's been around that long.

For that reason only mama likes to come here to visit and catch up with old friends. During my first visit to Teshima's mama introduced me to Mama Teshima. As we were eating our breakfast, Mama Teshima retold one of the stories of Mama Lily. When we got home I asked mama to retell the story so I could put it on our webpage.




As a young child of 5 years old, I remember this beautiful young lady; Mrs. Mary Teshima (whom we referred to as mama Teshima). Mrs. Teshima and her husband had a small store in Honalo. At that time Mrs. Teshima's mother (Mrs. Honato) had leased coffee farm land from my mother (Mary Haanio).Teshimas Fine Foods

Mrs. Honato, whom I called grandma Okasan also had a tofu shop. Her son Tamao Honato had a Taxi cab service also in Honalo. Anyway, my dad was a friend with Mary Teshima's husband. Dad would stop to talk story back in the kitchen and left me with mama Teshima in the store.

On one of the many visits that my dad had with Mr. Teshima it was getting late and I think I must have called to my dad at least 3 times to go home now. Mama Teshiima must have sensed that I was going to become very upset, so before that happened she came over to me with a small ice cream cone and said, "soon your daddy come".

Mama Teshima would talk about how smart my mother was and how well she always looked in her dresses. Mom made all her own muumuus.

Today in this picture I am 82 years old and mama Teshima is 102, soon to be 103. At our age, we both remember all the old timers and those that have passed on. Sometimes when we talk about the old times, we both get a little sad. So much has changed, but there is also much to be thankful for.


Mama Lily


Please note: Since the time that mama Lily wrote this story, mama Teshima passed away quietly at the beautiful age of 106 years young in 2013 surrounded by her loving family. She will be greatly missed for her kindness and generosity.



If you get a chance to come to Kainaliu you should drop by Teshima's. It's where the locals eat and talk story.

Teshima's Fine Foods Restaurant
79-7251 Mamalahoa Hwy
Kealakekua, HI. 96750
(In the Kainaliu District)
(808) 322-9140






Mama Lily and Lily Jr.

Interview for "Aha'i Olelo Ola
(Hawaiian Language TV) Dec. 2010

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