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Talk Story time with Mama Lily


One morning we were sitting at the table eating poi and fish when mama starting telling me a story about the beach house. Since the house no longer exists I tried to image what it must have been like.




Remembering When I was About 7 Years Old


Growing up in Keauhou around 1934, we had an old fashion home 2 stories high down in Keauhou Beach. A 6 foot lanai leading to a side of the house to our fisherman's cottage. This was located on the south side.

On the north side of our house was stairway going to the top floor lanai to 4 bedrooms and a living room. On the back side on the 2nd floor a lanai overlooked the mauka side (mountain side). Across from our house was the first Post Office for Keauhou and Kahalu'u areas.

On the north side was another old type of building. Uncle Koomoa's home. I'm not sure, but I think he was an attorney.


Ahahui Kaahuwanu. (meeting at Aunty's house).

My mom was a member of the Ahahui Kaahumanu. So was her sister Helen Keneina Mahehia Alo Kawewehi. I remember as a little girl I beilieve I might have been around 7 years old. There was a meeting and many of the members were at our home.

They held a meeting to remember Queen Liliukalani on her birthday. Many I guess were from Waimea, Hilo side and some wanted to eat the yellow white Pani'ni (prickly pear) that grows wild from Waimea to the Kona side. I said we have up at Kau (Kau refers to a name of a section or area above Keauhou Bay).

I also think the lady folks were also celebrating Kaukeoli Kamehemhe's birthday because there were also many other important people that day in Keauhou. Some of them were legistlative peoples, my God-father Charles Kaiaki, Uncle Henry Kewewehi. My God father Charles Kaiki was also a member of the Order of Kamehemeha and member of King Kalakau'ua and Ahahui O Ka'ahu Manu.

Anyway my brother Ben who was 2 years older than I were sent up Kau and picked two 5 gallon cans of Pani'ni, but of course me being the girl ending up cleaning them.


Mama Lily




Mama Lily and Lily Jr.

Interview for "Aha'i Olelo Ola
(Hawaiian Language TV) Dec. 2010

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