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The Perpetual Old Hawaiian Trails

Perpetual old Hawaiin trails and it's usage from the mountain to the sea. Many of these trails you'll find today in each community. It goes up to the top of the mountain.

On the Island of Hawaii we have 3 large mountains.
1.) Hua-la-lai : Lies on the Kona side where I come from.
2.) Mau-na-loa : Lies way south of Kona
3.) Mau-na-Kea : Lies more on the Hilo side

Trails were made on all of the mountains so that early Hawaiians could explore and search for food and land for agriculture, water, materials for cord, mats, medicinal herbs. Anything to sustain and support the people of the land.

During those early times, people were assigned in groups to build trails and see what was best for the people.

Most of the trails that I know of are a mile up and cut crosswise and continue from the sea to the top of the mountain.

These trails start with what we call a donkey trail about 30" wide (just wide enough for a donkey to pass through) to a papa Holo (running platform) which is to roll down the hill. The papa Holo is 10-15 ft wide from mountain to sea.

Where I come from (Kona) is the most beautiful land because we don't have as much wind, rain or heat as other parts of the Big Island.

Another beautiful thing about the Big Island is once upon a time





Mama Lily and Lily Jr.

Interview for "Aha'i Olelo Ola
(Hawaiian Language TV) Dec. 2010

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